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Sometimes you just happen to stumble across something that catches your eye. In my case it was this odd Trickles that had monocolored hair. I immediately thought that this must be a well made custom but I just could not be sure.Examining her I discovered that she was beautifully rooted (just like the factory ones) […]

Sometimes when you have acquired a new addition to your collection you just can’t wait to add it to your herd. Maybe it’s the pony you always wanted, or the one that completes a set. That feeling is great but… Do not forget to clean your ponies thoroughly! In my previous post there was a […]

Since shipping has gotten ever so expensive and our dear postal services have started to take out unreasonable fees (while still failing to deliver) I have learned to buy and ship to whatever address I will be staying at when visiting the US. I got lucky with kind sellers, Target, and thrift shops. September sure […]

Went to ToyCon in Malmö, Sweden and was able to meet some nice fellow collectors and get a couple of good deals! So pleased right now, and looking forward to cleaning them up.