Some thoughts on purchases

Sometimes when you have acquired a new addition to your collection you just can’t wait to add it to your herd.
Maybe it’s the pony you always wanted, or the one that completes a set.
That feeling is great but…

Do not forget to clean your ponies thoroughly!

In my previous post there was a picture of ponies I had purchased.
Some were in great condition, others were not. Most of them looked great on the outside.
During cleaning I opened some of them only to find their insides govered in black goo. Some smelled of old basement and some were rusty inside.
What you pay for isn’t always what you get.
More often than not you have to put some work into your ponies if you want them  to last longer.


Also, if you don’t do it already, make sure to go over your ponies every now and then to check for any changes.
These are, after all, old toys.

I made the sad discovery that two of the rainbow ponies I took most pride in owning in great condition had started their regrind while organizing shelves today.  And I checked them only two months ago.


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