Want list

My ultimate goal is to have my childhood collection MIP. All with UK packaging unless specified

Baby Lollipop
Susprise Twins Mommy
Baby Susie
Mommy Berrytown
Bridal Beauty – wedding pony
Pretty Beat (US card)
Silky Slipper (US box)
10th anniversary pony (US card)
Springy (US card)
Hip Hop
Chatterbox (US card)

Below you will find what is still missing from my collection:
Release (Us / Int) Group Name Pony Name
US Sea Ponies Sealight
US Sea Ponies Seabreeze
US Sea Ponies High Tide
US Sea Ponies Wave Jumper
US Baby Sea Ponies Surf Rider
US So Soft Ponies Gusty
US Twinkle Eyed Ponies Sweet Stuff
US Brush and grow ponies Twisty Tail
US Perfume puff ponies Daisy Sweet – Yellow hair
US Baby Ponies BBE Baby Gusty
US Baby Ponies BBE Baby Hearth Throb
US Pretty ‘n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies Sea Shimmer
US Shimmering Beauties Crystalline
US Rainbow Beauties Morning Glory
US Rainbow Beauties Sky Splasher
US Trim’n Grow Beauties Sheertrimmer
US Trim’n Grow Beauties Mane Waves
US Trim’n Grow Beauties Spritzy
US Sweet Perfume Beauties Colormist
US Sweet Perfume Beauties Colorglow
US Sweet Perfume Beauties Song Rider
US Sweet Perfume Beauties Fair Flier
US High Flying Beauties Skyflier
US High Flying Beauties Glider
US High Flying Beauties Windwalker
  Pony friends Molly
MO Baby Birthday Ponies Baby Sugarcake
MO Baby Birthday Ponies Baby Gametime
MO   Sprinkles (pink)
MO Mommy and Baby Pony Mommy
MO Mommy and Baby Pony Baby Beachy Keen
MO   Rapunzel
Int Sea Ponies Seaspray
Int alt Birthflower ponies Holly (December)
Int Regenbogen Ponys Flutterbye
Int Pretty ‘n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies Sea Star
Int Happy Tails Ponies Woosie (lavender)
    Lavender Woosie
    Nirvana trotters
  Playset Waterfall
    Accessories, combs and brushes